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Helping you to feel gorgeously confident, happy and in control!

You can ABSOLUTELY turn your life around with just a few simple upgrades…

I Know It Can Seem TOTALLY Overwhelming...

Trying to work it all out on your own is EXHAUSTING… I get it!

When you have expert guidance and a tribe of AMAZING women behind you, then feeling motivated and reaching your goals is EASY, it’s just a case of how…

How Do You Want To Feel?

You can gain so much understanding that you’ll instinctively know exactly how to boost your mood, how to have more energy, get better periods and glow from the inside out.

It’s time to take back that control…

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Be part of something REALLY special… Join us on the inside where we’ll be starting a tribe of amazing women and feeling better than ever before!

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Inside The Female Health Hub

The Female Health Hub is an online platform for females who REALLY want to understand their body and reach their FULL, incredible potential!

You’ll have access to the exclusive methods that I’ve used with hundreds of clients. It’s so much more than just nutrition… it’s lifestyle, mindset and whole soul vibes!

You’ll have:

You'll Have Access To...

Courses & Resources

Get access to courses on all different topics, with videos and downloads to help you on the way

A Community

Connect with like-minded women, build friendships and get motivation to make lasting changes

Private FB Group

Get answers to all your questions, start conversations and enjoy Facebook Lives with Nutritional Therapist Jodie

Hello, You Gorgeous Girl!

I'm Jodie Brandman

Registered Nutritional Therapist 

Years ago I had crazy moods, crippling periods and fertility scares, with no idea what was going on! I alternated daily from burying my face in ice cream to counting every single calorie! I was so confused, and totally get what it’s like when your body doesn’t work the way you want it to!

Since diving into the wellness world and studying the body and nutrition…

  • I now experience easy, pain – free periods
  • I have so much more energy and life actually flows
  • I had a healthy, natural pregnancy, birth and recovery
  • Plus, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of other women to sort their PMS, boost their fertility, have loads more energy, and feel more fulfilled than ever

My Mission

For me, creating an incredible community of women is a top priority, because when we all get together that’s when the MAGIC happens! My vision is to help women tune in and LOVE their incredible bodies, taking back that intuitive control!

The Female Health Hub is where you can figure out what makes you feel good… It’s where you can feel completely at home, learn, develop and get that all- important encouragement!

This is WAY more than just nutrition, it covers all angles, from mindset to purpose! I want to help women gain confidence by raising each other up, cheering each other on so that you feel like you’re living that sexy, soul- on- fire life!!

Are You Ready?

You’ll get access to:

Who's This For?

The Female Health Hub IS for you if...

The Female Health Hub is NOT for you if...

The masterclasses, community and resources are here to give you real, long-lasting changes… as long as you’re ready to take the leap

In A Nutshell...

If you want to raise your energy and happiness, have the BEST periods, boost your body confidence, maybe get pregnant (if you want to…), and have access to a whole LOAD of inspiration with endless support, then I’m pretty sure you’ll LOVE the Female Health Hub!

Are You Ready To Get Started?!

If you’re ready to make lasting changes, feel happier than EVER and start a tribe of amazing women, then you’ve 100% found the right path!

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