Fix Your Periods Naturally

With Small, Weekly Action Steps!

I Know It Seems Like Your Body Is Broken...

I know what it’s like…. You feel like your body is broken. Being told by doctors that everything is normal, or that you should go on the pill or have some sort of medication.

All you want is to feel like yourself again but you’re so confused and no one seems to have any answers.

I know how it feels because I went through it too.

Every single month I was in absolute agony… vomiting, crying, and being told I may need surgery if I wanted a baby. So many things were mentioned like PCOS, endometriosis, IBS… I hit rock bottom.

That’s when I discovered that the way I was living my life, the food I was eating, my hormones and the disconnection from my cycles were all ruining my periods.

When I started rebalancing my hormones with certain foods, tweaking my exercise, and syncing with my cycles… that’s when it all changed. That’s when my periods, moods and whole life improved  and that’s why I now want to share it all with you…

Is This You...?

This programme is for you if you have two or more of these symptoms:

If you have two or more symptoms

What's Inside...

In this programme you’ll understand how to fix your periods naturally!

Video Masterclasses

The best, science-based nutrition advice for the best cycles and happiest you. Lifestyle tips to get your body right. Mindset tips to help you love being a woman and have the best life!

recipes & workbooks

No more struggling with what to eat, follow easy recipes to get you feeling great. Workbooks will help you track your cycle properly and know which tests to actually ask your doctor for.

a supportive community

Connect with other amazing women and get all the motivation in a private Facebook group.

Going through period and reproductive problems can be incredibly confusing, that’s why we have a private Facebook group where you can connect and chat to our amazing members, get your story heard, feel supported the whole way through, and ask your questions to an expert.

What Our Members Say...

Results You Can Really Expect...

Your 12- Part FHH Masterclass Series
Includes These Topics:

Each topic will give you small action steps to take that will transform your periods:

My Story

As someone who suffered from awful period pains, crazy PMS and a fertility scare, I wanted to help women love their female body and take back control of their cycles just like I did. 

As a Nutritional Therapist I’ve worked with hundreds of women to restore their periods, boost their moods and help make beautiful, healthy babies. 

I want to share with you the exclusive methods that I’ve used in my private practice so that you can feel amazing too!

The Female Health Hub will give you all the tools you need to feel like your gorgeous, confident self again.

Jodie Brandman

Nutritional Therapist & Founder Of The Female Health Hub

More Questions?

The Female Health Hub is an online platform packed full of nutrition and lifestyle advice that makes it super easy to fix your periods and boost your moods, energy and fertility! You’ll get loads of inspiring masterclasses, plus weekly live Facebook sessions with Jodie in our private Facebook group. Plus you get exclusive discounts and testing packages.

If you struggle with your cycles, periods, energy, moods, fertility or any aspect of your female body, The Female Health Hub will give you the tools and guidance you need to feel great. If you’re feeling lonely or overwhelmed, the amazing community will help you stay on track. The Female Health Hub is for anyone who wants to improve their health and happiness, no matter how busy you are, how well you can cook, or how many diets you’ve tried before!

Everything is in The Female Health Hub portal. You just log in and can access the whole video library. You can access the portal from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can join our private Facebook group where you’ll find really supportive like-minded women to cheer you on and swap food ideas with!

Not at all! The masterclasses are designed to help you understand what foods fuel your body and then we’ll give you some basic ideas to include them in your life. The Facebook group will also be a great source of inspiration!

Absolutely not! You can work through everything at your own pace AND you’ll learn about how your body works so it can fit with your personal lifestyle! 

All the Masterclasses will cover different aspects of wellbeing from nutrition to lifestyle and mindset. Topics include things like blood sugar, stress management, detox and how to understand your cycles. They’ll be made up of videos and cheat sheets with small action steps that you can take to make change.

Well the good news is that this isn’t a diet! There are no set rules or calorie counting… this is expert guidance helping you to understand how your unique female body works so that you’ll know what foods will nourish it best! You’ll get ideas on how to utilise the info and then a community to keep you motivated!